Hi, I’m Nicola

I am a dreamer, healer, and coach, who loves showing people how they can heal their life by working with their dreams.

I am a reader, who loves stories that spark the imagination and make us dream of better worlds.

If you can dream it,

you can do it.

In the three decades I’ve been studying personal development material, I have had many inspirational teachers who have helped me gain a deeper understanding of the power within each of us to create exactly what we want in our lives.

This discovery helped me to see more clearly our individual part in the vast scheme of things. It was particularly the understanding of this larger picture that resulted in my decision over a decade ago to become a life coach.

The Lost Traveller

I freely chose to travel here from my homeland on an important mission, to restore something beyond price. I understood the enormous risks of this assignment, and felt ready to fulfil it. On leaving my homeland, I was honoured and mourned, because I was dying, for a time, to those who love me and know me best.

The conditions of my assignment required that I put on the clothes and habits of the place where I would go. I had to fit in with those around me and follow their ways. It was hard for me in the beginning, because people here live as if there were nothing beyond their world of getting and spending. Their pleasures are brash and their drugs numb the mind, but I was required to pass for one of them, so I did as they did.

In the toxic conditions of this place, I started to forget why I came here. My memory of my homeland, of its timeless rhythms and its true communion of souls, seemed like a fantastic dream and it started to fade away. I let those around me in my new land tell me what life is about, and I acted in accordance with their beliefs.

I joined them in snickering at dreamers who spoke of other worlds.

Then one day there was a knock at my door. I opened it and saw a voluminous book lying on the doorstep. It was strangely familiar. When I opened it, I read these words that touched my heart: ‘Try to be a little kinder.’ They reminded me of the mission I had forgotten. I wept, ashamed. But there was no place for my tears. Now that I remembered my mission, it was time to fulfil it.

I made this story my own on the advice of Robert Moss who taught me how to dream my soul back home.

I began my working career in small and medium-sized companies on the administration and management levels, before becoming a freelance business organization consultant, then moving on to start my own company. I ran an independent bookshop specializing in world literature and personal development in Brussels.

From this came the idea to organize a Book Club for people interested in exploring international fiction and self-help books. In our discussion groups, readers are offered another way of seeing the world and their place in it.


Dreams, plans and a thousand

stories to accomplish


When my bookshop closed down after five years of operation, I came across the teachings of Bob Proctor and signed up for his life coaching training in Florida where I was certified as an Independent Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant. I coached individuals and groups through a number of his coaching programs, before designing and hosting my own workshops on life skills topics, such as developing a positive mental attitude, goal setting and achieving, and how to replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

Recently, I have added a few more strings to my bow: I am a Reiki Master, primarily using this healing modality on women during their cancer treatments; I am a Dream Teacher, having completed the three levels of Active Dream Teacher Training with Robert Moss, dream shaman and creator of Active Dreaming.


Go confidently in the direction

of your dreams


The next step of my journey has taken me to where I am now: combining life coaching and dream teaching in a special blend I like to call Dream Healing.

I believe that the most important and worthwhile journey we can make in our life is the journey within. As Oscar Wilde wrote in one of his books, “The aim of life is self-development. To realize one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for.”

It would be my pleasure to be your guide on this journey.

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