Have you ever thought about how powerful your imagination really is? We can be sitting at home, say somewhere in Europe, reading a book whose story is set in South America and we can find ourselves so enthralled by the characters and events that in our mind we find ourselves there with them living out the action. We have created pictures in our mind and our imagination has started the film rolling: we are the hero/ine living through the danger and excitement and coming out successful at the end of the day. This happened to me when I was reading Isabel Allende’s “Eva Luna.” It was exhilarating!

If our imagination is so powerful that it can transport us to another continent, why don’t we use it (more often) to create the life we really want? Maybe we don’t because it sounds unrealistic? Well, I say, why not! We can build beautiful images of what we desire and create mental movies that we can play over and over again in our mind. When we do this, we start to feel really excited about this new life and we begin to attract it towards us.

So, my suggestion to you is to start today building that wonderful, bright future you’ve always wanted. There’s no one and nothing holding you back, except perhaps a negative thought and you know what to do with that: squash it and replace it with a positive thought! The power to create a story you want to live resides within your own imagination. Go ahead and use it.


“Words are free, she used to say, and she appropriated them; they were all hers. She sowed in my mind the idea that reality is not only what we see on the surface; it has a magical dimension as well and, if we so desire, it is legitimate to enhance it and color it to make our journey through life less trying.”

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