Affirmations are repeated suggestions to your subconscious mind. When you create affirmations for the things you desire and repeat them over and over again, you plant the idea in your subconscious mind. This will result in thought habits that will influence the actions you take to achieve your dreams.

In my use of affirmations, I have discovered that there are two kinds: passive and active. PASSIVE affirmations work best when you want to change your state of being or your limiting beliefs. For example, repeating the phrase “I am calm” over and over again can help you find a sense of inner peace and calm. If you believe in scarcity and limited supply, repeating the affirmation “This is an abundant universe and there is plenty for all of us” can shift your mindset to one of abundance. I have used both of these affirmations and can assure you they work!

To see results in your outer world you need to use ACTIVE affirmations. They should include a WHY you want what you desire, and WHAT you are going to do to get it, in other words, what actions you are committed to doing. For example, if you want to improve your life skills, you can affirm, “I focus on learning new things and improving my skills daily, so that I can grow and become a better person, and I commit to reading at least one or two personal development books every month.”

When working with affirmations, it is important to add a lot of emotions and feelings to them. Simply repeating the words mechanically will have little or no effect. Words that lack emotion will not influence your subconscious mind. You can only reach your subconscious mind with thoughts and ideas that have been mixed with plenty of positive feelings.


This is an extract from Step 4 of our 8-week book study course on self-fulfilment.

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