Lightning dreamwork process

When you wake up in the morning, do you remember your dreams? If you do, do you take a moment to write them down? Our night dreams are a rich source of inspiration and guidance.

Of course, if you are in the habit of keeping a dream journal, you might find you have no one to share them with. Receiving helpful feedback on our dreams, unlike dream interpretation, is powerful.

As a Dream Teacher, I use a 4-step dream sharing process (developed by Robert Moss) where I give you helpful feedback in a short period of time.

  • In the first step, I get you to tell me your dream as simply and clearly as possible, leaving out autobiography and explanations. Then I ask you to come up with a title for it.
  • In the second step, I ask you a few questions, such as what your feelings were after the dream and what you recognise from it.
  • During the third step, I give you my feedback. I never try to interpret your dream, but offer my own personal associations, thoughts and insights.
  • In the final step, I invite you to come up with an action plan to honour your dream.

To book an appointment with me, please send a message via the Contact page, indicating your preferred date and time. The session takes place in an online video meeting room and lasts around 30 minutes. Payment for the session is made at the start, using an instant service such as PayPal or Payconiq.

Kind words

Nicola’s dreamwork is fascinating. It was so much more than I expected. I came away feeling positive and clearer on what I needed to work on in my life. I went into our session thinking I could sit back and let her interpret my dreams, but instead she expertly led me in a deep self-analysis of my dream through the use of her methodology and tools – so that the insight and work actually comes from within. She helped me to make sense of my dream, helping me to voice what I already knew but was not acknowledging. Thanks to her knowledge and skills she led me on an interesting journey in a very short session and I came away with much more understanding about what I needed to change in my life and move forward. I look forward to more sessions!

Selena Gray (U.K.)

Working with Nickie through the Dreamwork Process was far more insightful than I had anticipated as I am vivid dreamer and seem to be able to understand the subconscious messages that come through in my dreams. Nonetheless, the process of allowing her to reflect my dream back to me as if it were her own offered me a completely different vantage point – one that had never occurred to me. Her questions were thought-provoking and offered some much-needed self-reflection. I feel like I now have a better grasp on what my recurring dream was really trying to tell me and am thankful for her gift of insight and her time in making this happen.

Rosalie Marquez Davis (U.S.)

Nickie is a great listener who knows how to reach to the bottom of things with love, care and precision. She deeply feels and understands the deeper and hidden layers of stories and dreams. And she always seems to be able to find the magic and poetry in, under, above and behind the words, stories and this material world. Sharing my dreams with her is always fascinating, surprising, sometimes very confronting, but always immensely valuable for my inner work and process. Her knowledge and intelligence are delightful, and I always look forward to another dream sharing moment with her! Nevertheless, she also knows how to keep grounded and clear. The way she is naturally herself makes me feel comfortable and safe to share.

Ienke Goldewijk (Netherlands)

It’s a real pleasure being involved in an active dreaming process with Nickie. There is a feeling of being in a place of heart when I share my dreams with her.
She listens with earnest and eager attention so I have this feeling of being tenderly held, cared for, supported and understood. She is cheerful, chirpy and compassionate and brings her considerable talents and experiences to bear on her interpretation of my dream, framing it in an ‘If it were my dream’ feedback.
She has a real reverence for our dreams and is very careful to ensure I have a practical plan to implement the guidance from the dream, and that the magic held within the dream can be recognised and honoured.

Patrick Cusack (Ireland)