If we allow the past to control our present thinking by continuously talking about it, we will continue to attract the same results in our life over and over again. It is like driving in a car and constantly looking in the rearview mirror instead of on the road ahead of us. It is obvious that we will drive off the road and have an accident sooner or later. We need to form the habit of living in the NOW, the present moment, and really letting go of the past.

Regardless of the present circumstances you may find yourself in, if you begin to build the image of something new in your mind, you will start to attract it into your life. And it is here where your ATTITUDE comes into play. Attitude is the combination of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. People who take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions have a positive attitude and they decide that the starting point of their results will be based on what they want. People who do not take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions have a negative attitude. They blame outside conditions and other people for what happens in their life. “As long as they persist in believing that others are the cause of their problem, they cannot be successful (because, of course, you can never successfully change anyone but yourself).”

It is also important to remember that we have unlimited potential. When we truly understand that as spiritual beings we have deep reservoirs of talent and ability that we can tap into to create the life we really want to live, we can then begin to remove the mental blocks that we have built in our conscious mind. To remove these blocks, we must put ourselves into a very relaxed state and, once completely relaxed, realize that we CAN do the things we dream about doing. “Remember, if we are able to see ourselves doing, being or having something on the screen of our conscious minds, then we are able to do, be, or have it on the physical plane of life as well. Therefore, always look forward into the bright future which lies just ahead of where you currently are situated.”

You must focus on WHAT YOU WANT your future to be like as that will put you into a positive vibration to attract it into your life. If you focus on the past, you will stay in a negative vibration and give yourself little chance of allowing any positive thoughts to enter into your mind.


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