Do you go through your days like a sleepwalker, on automatic pilot, following a routine that is numbing your senses? Or are you awake to the synchronicities in the world around you, paying attention to the signs and symbols that pop up as you journey through your day. This is what I mean by living life consciously: you are navigating life by synchronicity, awake to the symbolic resonance of everyday incidents.

To begin living in this way it is important to be open to new experiences. You have to be ready to recognise the special moments of opportunity that arise and be willing to take appropriate action to honour them.

Throughout your day, it is good to regularly check your inner soundtrack. What thoughts are going through your mind? What is playing in your head? If you don’t like what you hear, choose a different track. Make sure you stay in control of the playlist in your head. Be your very own Dee-Jay!

Have you got a situation, a theme, a question in your life that you would like guidance on right now? Or are you at a crossroads in your life looking for answers to what direction you should take next? If we imagine that the world around us is an oracle, we can ask for guidance from it. Here are three games you can play to have fun with this practice.

1) Put Your Question to the World

If you would like guidance on a particular theme, state it as clearly as possible by using the formula: “I would like guidance on…” and fill in the blank.

Make some space in your day and decide on the time within which you will play it. For example, during your daily commute, on your lunch break, or during the first ten minutes of leaving your home.

Then when you go outside, get ready to receive signs and symbols from the world around you. You can decide to take the first unusual thing you notice, or the first 3 unexpected things that show up in your field of perception. Or you may even leave yourself open to any number of things.

Back in June 2018, when I was trying to decide whether to keep my limited company going or not, I played this game. During the time I had set aside to receive guidance on continuing my company, the first unusual thing I noticed as I passed by a school was a teacher shouting “No, no, stop.” Further along, I turned down a street which I was sure would lead me to the shop I wanted to go to, only to find that I had gone too far and had to turn back. As I headed to the shop to buy bread, I noticed a woman wearing a black t-shirt with the following words in white on it: BE AN ARTIST. I took all three things to be a clear sign not to continue my company and in March 2019, I liquidated it.

2) Let the World Put a Question to You

Sometimes it can be more interesting to see what theme you are being invited to pay attention to in your life right now.

In this case, make it your intention, the first time you leave your house, to notice three things that pop up on the street. They don’t have to be anything extraordinary, but can simply be the words overheard in a conversation, the music playing on a car’s stereo, the quote on a pedestrian’s t-shirt or tote bag, the logo on a delivery van, a penny dropped on the pavement.

3) Bibliomancy

This is when you use books as a source of divination or guidance. Here are the basic rules:
– Set a theme for guidance, or be open to what the book will reveal to you.
– Choose a book or pick one randomly off your bookshelf.
– With your eyes closed, open the book and let your finger point to a place on the page.
– Open your eyes and read the line of text.
– What are your first feelings and associations?
– You can then choose to read the passages around the line of text to see if they bring additional guidance, but don’t lose sight of the first lines you pointed to.

When you play these games, remember to always take ACTION to honour the guidance you received and be THANKFUL for it. I am always grateful for these secret handshakes and surprises!