Life is a game and those who know the rules, live it well. Life is not a party and those who only live for today and never plan for tomorrow, live below their potential.

Last year, I turned 50 and for the first time in my life, I did not have a clearly defined BIG goal for the coming decade. For each of the previous decades, I did. Heading towards my 20s, I dreamt of independence and I achieved it. Reaching my 30s, I became a mother. The day after my 40th birthday, I opened my own bookshop. When 5 years later, I had to close my bookshop, I started to flounder, but I didn’t fall. I trained as a life coach and, as I struggled to grow my coaching business, I took a part-time job in an office. This depressed me at first, however, I kept at the coaching and, most importantly, I kept developing myself by reading a lot of personal growth books. The ones that had the biggest impact on me were Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and more recently “The Business of the 21st Century”. It was the beginning of my financial education. I have now found my new BIG goal for my 6th decade on planet earth: to become financially independent and teach as many people I can how to achieve financial independence.

Next month, I’ll share some great advice from Robert Kiyosaki on planning for retirement.

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