New Offering – Dream Healing Circle

Would you like an easy, safe and fun way to share your dreams with other people and receive helpful feedback on them?

As a dream teacher, my mission is to help bring back a dreaming society, one in which we get to live our bigger and braver stories!

What I teach is called Active Dreaming, and in my monthly Dream Healing Circle, we will focus on our night dreams: I will teach you a process whereby you can share your dreams in a safe space and receive helpful feedback. In this way, you bring energy and guidance from the dreamworld into your everyday life.

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Healing yourself is connected with healing others – Yoko Ono


Past Offerings

Explore • Dream • Discover

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

– Mark Twain


A selection of pictures from some of my workshops, courses, dreamwork and book club!

Kind words

I’ve attended Nicola’s workshops regularly and have always found them inspiring, challenging and to the point! Nicola uses a few simple tools to enable the group to bring out key issues of discussion and the exchange that develops is excellent food for thought. Thanks, Nicola!
Laura De Caro

Corporate Events

I can recommend Nicola’s workshops highly! The topics are very relevant for self-development, day-to-day stuff about which we rarely think but which has the potential to affect the quality of our life tremendously. Nicola challenges us to look at the why behind our ingrained behaviors and to move beyond our self-imposed restrictions to find more fulfillment and purpose in our lives. On top of that, she is a lovely and warm personality that really makes you feel at ease, she is a great listener and makes the workshops always enjoyable. All the workshops end with a clear recommendation on what to work on and how to achieve our goals and Nicola is not shy to check in a couple of weeks later to hold you accountable. After all, this is what helps any coachee to move forward. Thank you, Nicola!
Bettina Schelkle, PhD

Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

I really enjoyed the motivational workshops with Nicola. She is a very inspiring trainer. When I was complaining about a few things being wrong in my life, I remember her saying, “Don’t waste your energy complaining about the system, use it to do something better that replaces it.” I found the subjects we touched upon very useful and insightful: we spoke about how to create vision boards and use them to make our dreams come true, how to set our goals in life, how to focus our attention on the things we want without being distracted by the things we don’t want, and so forth. I strongly recommend her workshops to all those who want to understand what they want in life and to those who already know it, but who don’t know how to get there.
Margherita Salvador

Interpreter, Translator and Writer