In the workshop I run, I introduce people to the Stickperson concept, a life-changing idea that gives us a picture of the mind to help us understand what the mind is and how it works. They learn about the roles of our Conscious (thinking) Mind, our Sub-Conscious (emotional) Mind and our Body (the instrument of our mind).

I teach them that everything starts with THOUGHT. We choose our thoughts – our thoughts cause our feelings – our feelings are expressed in actions – and our actions produce results. Schematically, it looks like this:


Which helps us see that if we wish to change the results we are getting, we must start by changing our thoughts.

They also learn about our 6 Intellectual or creative faculties (Perception, Will, Imagination, Memory, Intuition and Reason). These are mental muscles that can be developed like any other muscle in our body and when we take the time to develop them, we will see changes in the results we are getting in our life.

The most important message I communicate when teaching is that by continuously learning, we gain a deeper understanding of the power within each of us to create exactly what we want in our lives.

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