If I asked you right now to tell me all the things you are GRATEFUL for, would you be able to spontaneously give me a long list, or would you have trouble trying to think of even one thing because your mind is filled with all the things you don’t like about your life? Do you go through your day feeling angry for perceived injustices (against you or others) or do you focus on the good in every situation that you experience? Remember that all your energy is going to whatever you are giving your attention to.

Here is an exercise to help you develop the habit of practising being grateful every day.

Exercise: Every morning, take a moment to reflect on all the things you are grateful for. Write them down in a notebook or make a mental note of them. In the evening take a moment to express your gratitude for everything you experienced during the day (both “good” and “bad”). Send thoughts of love and forgiveness to anyone who bothered you.

Make it a habit to practise gratitude in the morning and the evening, and at any moment throughout the day, especially when you find yourself getting irritated or annoyed by people or situations. Use affirmations to keep you focused: “I am so grateful for … (fill in with everyone/everything you feel gratitude for). Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I am so totally grateful!”

This is an extract from Step 4 of our book study course.

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